Continuing from last post on Boot existing Manjaro on disk with Hyper-V. Since my system has no integrated graphics (i9-13900KF + RTX4090), I only had Nvidia drivers on my Manjaro. Thus, there was no display after boot. To support displaying in Hyper-V (with or without enhanced mode), a general driver must be installed. I used sudo mhwd -i pci video-linux. After video-linux driver is installed, Manjaro desktop should be able to display when booted via Hyper-V.


Microsoft provided a Linux VM tool for integration with Hyper-V. Install it with

git clone
cd linux-vm-tools/arch

However there are some problems I encountered during installation. The xorgxrdp-devel-git package required has a broken dependency on xrdp>=0.9.80; however, the latest version(at time of this post) in AUR is xrdp A workaround I did was to change this dependency to xorgxrdp instead. More specifically, changing the following two lines in linux-vm-tools/arch/

git clone
cd xorgxrdp-devel-git || exit


git clone
cd xorgxrdp || exit

After the installation, on Windows, type the following command in PowerShell with Administrative Privilege:

Set-VM -VMName __Your_Machine_Name__ -EnhancedSessionTransportType HvSocket

Reboot VM in Hyper-V and it should restart into xrdp interface with a pop-up to select enhanced mode resolution.


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